Leading with your soul. CLARITY EMPOWERMENT WISDOM

My Name is Sage

 I was not born a sage. And I simply did not become one.  I transformed into a woman of substance by understanding that my circumstances and traumas did not define me. My circumstances could not hinder me from living the life I was meant to live. 

I gave myself the gift of transformation through resilience, grit, and determination. I learned from my mistakes and sometimes the mistakes of others but ultimately, I made the decision to protect my peace, my energy. I made the decision to shed the preconceptions and misperceptions that I was born into.  I persevered, released all shame, learned to love myself, educated myself, and intentionally created a space for myself to flourish. 

I am Sage Hill 

I am a proud woman of color who has shed the stereotype of the angry black woman and who fought for her voice to be heard. Understanding that the fight was in vain, I turned inward. I turned into the ambient beat of my light, and found the power deep down in my soul. 

As a result of digging deep and being introspective, I claimed this life that no one could destroy, with their word, actions, judgment or betrayal. 

I have shattered glass ceilings as a woman of color. 

I have graced stages in the aftermath of pain.

I defied the odds by returning to college at the age of 42. 

I did what I was called to and it healed my soul. My testimony and my experiences have allowed me to lead my sisters down  new paths. My words, my challenges, and my platform provided me the power to change a cross-section of my sisters’ lives. 

I took my journey further. Once I stood in my power and began to lead with my soul, I chose to remove toxic people from my life. This liberating exercise in freeing myself from oppressive relationships and opinions, gave me the clarity to navigate the path my soul desired. The work I have done, both personally and professionally, taught me to transmute the feeling of hopelessness and regret by embracing my journey and leading with my soul. 

Lead With Your Soul

We all hear a whisper. We all have an intuitive guide that tells us when we are making a decision aligned with who we truly are at our core – and when we aren’t. When we dismiss this intuitive spirit (whether, for you,  it be God or the Universe), we are met with resistance. My experience with denying my core essence left me frustrated and empty. When I followed my internal guide and allowed myself to lead with my soul, I experienced fulfillment, happiness and peace. I can teach you how you can do the same.

I also teach others about the power of disconnection resulting from generational trauma. Sista, we all share a common bond of generational trauma.  However, the generational trauma that we all experience does not have to extend to your current reality. The circumstances you were born into, whether it by social narratives your skin color, your parental guides or the context into which you survived is your history.  Make the decision to allow your history to be, just that, history. Releasing the bonds that control your life. 

Once you understand these patterns you have the keys to unleash a bold new version of yourself. Join me in this movement – the evolution of your life. Join me in the Soulcial Sage Movement. 

Claim your story

Claim the imperfections of the beautiful life you have led. It is time to write HerStory. It is time to map out the life that you know you were called to live. It is time to stop making excuses. When I stopped making excuses, my life became a tapestry of possibilities. 

The scrapes, bumps, and scars that adorn the beautiful body you inhabit is a testimony to the story of your past. And now it is necessary to write the story of your future. I rewrote my story. But first, I needed clarity.  Second, I needed to find an internal source of empowerment. And finally, after experiencing this transformation, I gained wisdom. Through my journey and story, I understand the power of Life Mapping. I use this tool to bring clarity to my sista’s. Life Mapping, at its core, outlines the person you are meant to be and the map to claim victory. 

I am a proud, black woman, leading the way for my sista’s from Atlanta to Wyoming and in this world. Without community, connection and direction we are floating in the wind. I invite you to become a part of a movement.  This is a movement like no other. This is a movement for my sista’s, sista’s of color and those who support us,  to rewrite the narrative they believe they are shackled to. 

Understanding the negative patterns that hold you back is the first step in releasing the bonds that control your life. Once you understand these patterns you have the keys to unleash a bold new version of yourself. Join me in this movement – the evolution of your life. Join me in the Soulcial Sage Movement. 

My name is Sage Hill.
I am You.
You Are Me. We are One.


The Soulcial Sage Credentials

The Accolades Behind The Sage
• Keynote speaker and guest panelist at numerous women conferences and workshops • 20+ years experience counseling women on relationships, family dynamics and careers. • Certified Reiki Practitioner • Deep Life Mapping Creator/Coach • Founder of TSS • Psychology Major - Magna Cum Laude • NSLS (National Society of Leadership inductee) • Published Poet • Host of The Soulcial Sage Podcast

Our Mission

The Soulcial Sage was created for women, namely women of color, as a place for introspection, self-realization and empowerment.  The Soulcial Sage is a forum providing women with a unique opportunity to learn, share and grow together via the Soulcial Sage podcast, seminars and events with a goal of ensuring that no-one leaves the same way they came.